Luke’s RED Kyber Crystal Revealed – Star Wars The Last Jedi Explained

Luke’s RED Kyber Crystal has been teased for months now…rumours, leaks and whatever else one could find about Skywalker and The Last Jedi…however now we finally have confirmation that he will have it, and just exactly what it looks like. It has significance with the compass that was found on Pillio in Palpatine’s hidden observatory, what could this mean? Is it from Darth Vader’s lightsaber crystal? Does it belong to an Ancient Sith? Jedi? Force user?

What could Luke Skywalker want with such a dark, ancient crystal?

Watch the video that will pop up at the end regarding How Darth Vader Turned His Lightsaber Crystal Blood Red, it will help explain some things.

Have a great day and may the force be with you…ALWAYS!!!


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