Mobile Software Course 2017 lecture 18 English-Urdu-Hindi.What is QCN File in Samsung Android Mobile

In This Video We Will Learn.WHAT IS QCN FILE AND FUNCTION IN MOBILE PHONE.All Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone and Latest Android Mobile Phone.What is Mean By QCN.Qualcomm CPU Network file and also Qualcomm Calibration Network file.QCN IS A HIDDEN FILE KEPT IN THE EFS FOLDER,MOST SECURE AND PROTECTED FILE FOLDER FOUND IN ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY MOBILE PHONE AND LATEST ANDRIOD MOBILE PHONE DEVICES.IT IS MAIN AND SENSITIVE FILE OF NETWORK HIDDEN IN THE DEEPEST CORE OF MOBILE PHONE INTERNAL MEMORY FILESYSTEM IN EFS FOLDER. WHERE ALL INFORMATION OF IMEI AND BASEBAND ARE SAVED.Which Mobile Phone Support QCN File for Backup/Restore and Reading/Writing.Samsung Mobile Phone and All Android Mobile Phone Built With Qualcomm Technology.What is Concept of QCN File and Where QCN File is Used or Require?.In Mobile Phone When EFS is Corrupted or Deleted. You Have to Write New QCN File Again Because Without QCN File Mobile Phone Will Not Show Any Kind Of Network 2G/3G/4G and LTE Network.In Samsung and Android Mobile Phone QCN File is Same For All Mobile Phone Models.Mostly It Depends on Mobile Phone Model. Firmware is Mostly Same Compatible with Each Other But QCN File Only Work only Same Specific Mobile Phone Model.How Can I Get Proper QCN File For My Mobile Phone?.There Are Many Ways. The Best and Professional Way is to Copy or Read a QCN File From Fresh Mobile Phone Active and Not From Branded Mobile Phones.When I Will Write New QCN File It Will Effect IMEI.There Are Different Procedures. The Best Way To Write QCN File Is To Use Latest Professional Flashing Box.
Example Octopus Box and Z3x Box With Latest Software Version