Roger Ver – Bitcoin Cash and the Separation of Money and State

School Sucks Podcast #538

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At School Sucks, we strive to provide young people with the building blocks of intellectual, financial and lifestyle independence. Over the last year, we have overlooked a phenomenon that certainly relates to the last two: Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency explosion.

My guest today is a man who has been one of the most prominent figures in Bitcoin promotion, education, growth and recent controversies. Roger Ver was the first investor in many successful Bitcoin startups, and he has worked for over 5 years on the adoption of Bitcoin as an alternative to fiat money, both inside and outside the voluntaryist community. Roger has referred to this effort as “the separation of money and state.” And as far as financial freedom is concerned, this separation would be a monumental achievement.

Throughout 2017, Roger became a central figure in an intensifying conflict over how to scale BTC to speed up transactions and bring in more users. We’ll get into more detail in the show, but one important outcome was Roger’s embrace and promotion of a new version of Bitcoin, called Bitcoin Cash, which he argues is more aligned with the original vision for Bitcoin as a accessible and decentralized currency.

There are obviously two sides to this story and we will discuss that in the show. Other topics include
-why I wanted to start this ongoing conversation with Roger
-some history leading up to Bitcoin’s hard fork in August
-competing financial incentives in BTC development, mining and adoption
-the biggest challenges bitcoin cash faces to become the dominate crypto
-is Roger worried at all about bitcoin core changing direction and implementing and block size increase?-if they do what will that mean for bitcoin cash?