Going All In with Ripple (XRP)

Hi friend,

after months of monitoring, speculation and deliberation I have decided to go all in with Ripple (xrp) not to say I won’t buy other altcoins in the future but for now I am going drop anchor and Hodl this amazing coin called Ripple. Buy why? Why would I do this when their are some ‘great’ going on the market. It all stems to the fact the Ripple is going things the right way and instead of trying to undermine the banks and governments they are proactively working with banks and governments. Thinking majority this sort of method will serve as a great avenue for natural growth adoption across all sectors making this crypto less volition and more rewarding for investors. Moreover, Ripple has a solves a problem that currently exists which is instant cross boarder transactions. Whilst this vision is currently taking root in Asia with allot of banks adopting it. Money gram has been the recent announcement which has caused a shift in perspective and turn of the tide. I’m in it for the long haul and believe that xrp is here to stay and here to make a long term difference.

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