The Dying Form Factor: Micro-STX RVZ04 Won’t Make It

SilverStone’s Micro-STX RVZ04 and VT-03 cases almost certainly won’t make it to market, sadly, but we wanted to show its last appearance at CES 2018.
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Find our previous LD01 & LD02 SilverStone coverage of micro-ATX cases here:

This coverage looks at the SilverStone RVZ04 — the Raven Micro-STX case — and talks about a dying form factor. ASRock technically still makes complete Micro-STX systems, but the form factor is facing pressure from all sides, primarily with MXM cards being pulled from market as nVidia has lost need for them. This may be the last time you see the RVZ04 and VT-03 cases, shown at CES 2018.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman & Keegan Gallick