How Muslims, Jews & Christians View Money & Cryptocurrency Differently

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti interviews a top level player in two major cryptocurrency companies of the world. FULL DISCLOSURE: Pastor Steve is not involved in any way with Sohail’s businesses or investments.

Sohail is a business tycoon from Bangladesh and London. He happens to be Muslim. Christians, do not be disrespectful or dismissive of his immense business experience. God loves businessmen and calls them to serve Him. Without businessmen, you would not have any computer, internet, or this video service to watch! God chose businessmen to be his original 12 apostles. JESUS was a business owner before He preached, healed and revealed Himself as the Savior of the world’s sins. Lay down any prejudice and listen to this interview as an example of how to start evangelism, how to interact with non-Christians, and how to listen for wisdom from those who are different from you. Some truth nuggets from Sohail:

“To support your friends, your neighbors, your family, you have to be strong yourself…It’s important you become strong so you can support anyone.”

“I’m always looking for things that are coming into the future to get involved in.”

“In my opinion…the biggest change is yet to come in the financial sector… this disruption [cryptocurrency] will change the world….we’ve had enough with the way the government runs our country and the banks have run our country.”

“In the near future, the whole world will know what Blockchain is….this will supersede the Internet.”

One of the hallmarks of Pastor Steve’s ministry is he is unafraid to research new things, tackle difficult topics and reach out to people from all walks of life. Pastor Steve told Sohail clearly that Jesus is not merely a prophet in the Bible, but the Son of God and the only Savior of sinners. Therefore our Christian duty is to speak the truth in love, not in arrogance or self-righteousness.

Do not post any misinformed comments about mixing Islam and Christianity. Nothing of the kind is implied. However, Islam will share many things in common with us because Muslims are Abraham’s seed through Ishmael, just as Jews are Abraham’s seed through Isaac, and Christians are Abraham’s seed through faith in Messiah.

“We are creating a clean social media alternative where there will be no profanity and traditional viewpoints will not be censored. The kickstart budget for this project is US$100,000 + $2000 monthly server fees. Consider this our CROWDFUNDED project.

Please pray about sending your best financial gift to support this endeavour to bless and connect Christians around the world. We are preparing for the Lord a Christian social media He would be proud and would use, if He so choose.” ~ Pastor Steve

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