What is Golem Network Token, GNT? A Decentralized Super Computer!

Golem is an extremely ambitious project set to overtake the likes of cloud computing like AWS. In this video, we explain what is the Golem Ethereum Token, it’s road map, the team building it, and what the current state of the project is. This video serves as a brief overview of the project and we encourage anyone who is remotely interested in Golem to fully read the white paper as there is a lot of in depth explanation on how it all works.

Golem Website : https://golem.network/
Golem White Paper : https://golem.network/doc/Golemwhitepaper.pdf
Golem Task Documentation : https://golem.network/doc/Golemwhitepaper.pdf
Golem on Github: https://github.com/golemfactory/golem

DISCLAIMER: Everything in this video is our personal opinion not financial advise!

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