Digital Fantasy Sports – ERC20 Gaming Token

Innovative online fantasy sports gaming token based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts.

DFStoken offers the first ETH based fantasy sports platform allowing users to partake in a wide range of fantasy sports games as well as the opportunity to create their own. Digital Fantasy Sports will offer 9 unique fantasy games that no other site offers along with traditional options, both across a multitude of sports. They have recently finished an ICO and they’re roadmap points to a lot of developments for the project this year, the first daily fantasy product will be out in February and an unknown platform has recently purchased 1million of the 12million tokens in circulation.

Fantasy baseball season is right around the corner and by that point I think significant growth will be had, only to continue throughout the season with unique fantasy options to compliment the standard options which will then lead us into football season with the same concept of unique and standard options at play. One of those unique fantasy baseball options is BattingOrderBaseball, which their CTO developed and received recognition for from the NewYorker as the most innovative baseball game in fantasy sports. The Rotowire fantasy baseball special edition will also be featuring this when it comes out in February (looks like there will be a lot of growth next month, you might want to get ahead of the curve). The team is very active with the community and has some unique qualifications in this particular field, each have a short bio on the website worth checking out.

Currently the best place to acquire DFS (DFStoken is not the same as DFScoin) is on Idex. Etherdelta is also an option but a little more difficult to use, DFS is brand new and hard at work at getting on more exchanges. A wallet can be opened at their website or you can use your ETH wallet.