Worlds First Cryptocurrency Grades 💯 By Weiss Rating Agency

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On today’s show:

1. An update on the growing of the Lightning network

2. A quick look at yesterday’s price dip

3. And the first ever set of cryptocurrency grades from a ratings agency will be released this Wednesday the 24th of January

**Story – Lightning Watch** 0:48

Despite these stats, use of Segwit remains at 12% of all Bitcoin transactions on the main network.

I personally would expect that to increase as more wallets and services adopt Lightning.

While the Lightning stats are great, as far as I understand it, there’s no way for us to know how much value is being transacted because the signatures are being privately swapped between the two parties.

**Story – Weiss Will Begin Rating Cryptocurrencies On Wednesday** 4:30

Martin Weiss is the founder of Weiss Ratings.
It’s a financial rating agency so they research stocks, funds, banks etc and do their best to give an objective rating in terms of the risks and rewards.

They are set to become the first rating agency in the world to release Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency gradings.
According to this countdown on their website, they are set to release their first batch of tradings on Wednesday morning.
So they have built a computer model that grades each cryptocurrency by computing a whole range of factors to arrive at an overall rating.

They are going to arrive at this overall rating by grading in 4 different categories.
Risk index, how low could it go
Reward index, how high could it go

Technology index, looks at the source code, scalability, robustness, flexibility
Fundamental index, adoption and security. The reality test, are people using to use it, is it performing in the real world.
The result is that each cryptocurrency will get a grade from A to F like every other financial instrument that they grade.
But bear in mind they have built a computer model that is going to be constantly adjusting the grade as it gathers new information.
So those are the facts, what are the implications?
I think this is going to be very popular because it’s a shortcut through the ungodly amounts of information in the cryptocurrency space.

While no one should rely on this grading as the one piece of information, I am certainly going to include it as one data point to check when doing research.
The downside I suppose is that BECAUSE so many people will be looking at this grade, it is likely to have a disproportionate amount of power.

While Weiss Ratings publicly states that it does not accept financial compensation from the entities it rates, unlike Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch and AM Best there are other possible attack vectors.

For example, what’s the stop them loading up on A grade coins prior to the release of their research?

They can say they are not doing any trading but there’s no easier market to trade anonymously than crypto.

Early access to rating information gives them a chance to get positioned in the market before anyone else.
I’m not questioning the integrity of Weiss Ratings specifically, I’m just pointing out an attack vector that would apply to any such rating agency.

I will be reporting on the results anyway, however if you want the news the instant it is released then go to this page:
Enter your email and they’ll send you a message when it’s ready.
I’m going to make a prediction and say that EOS is going to get an A or a B.

On Wednesday we’ll see if that prediction is right or wrong.

**Story – Price Dip Yesterday**
The recovery was briefly interrupted by a price dip yesterday.
As far as I know it was just some nonsense about Indian banks starting to close accounts that were sending and receiving money from cryptocurrency exchanges.

The overall market cap has stabilized now and there’s a mix of single digit gains and losses in the top 20 coins.