Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis – VeriCoin (VRC) / Verium (VRM)

VeriCoin and Verium have an unique “Binary chain” solution to solve the scalability issues plaguing current offerings of cryptocurrencies. The Binary chain will not be launched until later this year though. VRC is the currency and VRM is the commodity. You stake (PoST) VRC and mine (PoWT) VRM so there is something for everyone. They have no cap on their total supply but have built in a disinflation algorithm to help control and stabilize the value of the coin. Honestly, given enough time and adoption, we could see this take over as a main currency one day, but unfortunately it is still a rather small community currently. I plan on picking some up to stake and also mine some in the mean time. We’ll see if they can build the hype necessary to thrive in the future. This year will decide. — Watch live at