Why ELECTRONEUM will Give you $30.00 a Month Free

The Electroneum Crowdsale Token Sale (fundraiser)

By slightly increasing the mining return on mobile devices we will dramatically increase the viral number of Electroneum users, which will increase the value of Electroneum for all investors.

If mobile miners are able to mine Electroneum worth USD $30 per month we will NOT release any bonus pool. If mining drops below that figure we will release enough to bump mobile mining up to $30 USD value per month.

Why would someone invest in Electroneum?

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are disruptive
and are growing at an exponential rate (https://www.

We believe that Electroneum as a new, easy to access
cryptocurrency, will appeal to regular people in larger numbers
than we’ve seen with existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and

As such, we think that Electroneum will have great appeal for:
• Long-term holders. Those who wish to buy and hold
Electroneum for any potential future value.

• Cryptocurrency enthusiasts wishing to be involved in the
development of the next evolutionary step of the digital coin

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White Paper: http://electroneum.com/overview-white-paper.pdf