$2.75 TRON MoonShot Coming! Will TRX Be A Top Ten Crypto

In this video we look at The possibility of a $2.75 USD Value for TRON TRX in the year of 2018! we explore the twitter of Justin Sun $TRX New partnerships with space x as well as new developments involving the web 4.0 and the possibility of a future involving this project! I want to thank all the new subscribers who have recently joined me on this Crypto YouTube channel and we look forward to a big future! ALso disclaimer this video is for entertainment purposes only and this video is not financial advice i am not a financial professional! Please do your own research and come to your decisions by your own understanding! also in this video i explore my ambitions with #TRX and the possibilities that i see in respect to this project! Do you think tron could be a Top 10 Crypto listed on the Cryptocurrency Market! let me know in the comments down below! As always thanks for watching!
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