LiteCoin Up 37% ๐Ÿ“ˆ Probably Due To Imminent Launch ๐Ÿš€ of LiteCoin Cash (LTC & LCC)

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LiteCoin Cash Website:

The first fork of LiteCoin
Expected 18th Feb, block 1,371,111
10 LLC for each LTC
Check with your exchange or withdraw to your own wallet
Another round of nightmares for wallet developers
SHA256 mining instead of scrypt
Dust off old mining hardware
Much like Bitcoin Gold, it will appeal to miners
They have taken safety precautions to protect users
Replay protection
New address format
BCH only just launched their new address format
Users benefit from 10x cheaper transaction fees
Pre-release boostrap
Download a copy of the blockchain so everyone can start mining at the same time, no head starts
How are LCC developers going to get paid?
1% pre mine for themselves
Same claim process
LiteCoin private key allows access to coins on the forked blockchain
Never paste your private key or recovery phrase into a website
Consider whether itโ€™s worth putting the private key for your $200 LiteCoin at risk to claim the forked version
One option is to transfer your LTC to a brand new wallet after the fork so the old private key only controls your LCC.