Price Prediction Electroneum Q1

sorry for taking so long here you go guys

ALOT of you guys have been asking for my wallet addresses so you could donate crypto so I can get professional high grade equipment for videos.
here you go guys 😁

BTC: 12A2wDfQpADrK9LkVbFuSR7wFx6tJJ9meG
ltc: LLYuKQ3EcDVui5wfhwaLyFEThebcTcq5Zp
etn: etnkHrHTj38DucwYYKtUujKyu7bkRcwiGXZZnMjZx1ZHDNKGfhpSTW6RgkPFEBZWVgdZ3QHvvm5seTngjmsfXjj787eyhbMC4Y