Michael Krieger: Bitcoin Triggers Economic & Political Elites | Bitcoin Won’t Be Hijacked?

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former Wall St commodities analyst and money manager and now popular financial blogger, Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg https://libertyblitzkrieg.com/

Michael was also an early Bitcoin proponent having gotten into Bitcoin around $10 per coin. Michael worked 10 years on Wall St before quitting his job in a Jerry Maguire moment in 2010.

Michael’s articles frequently appear on Zero Hedge.

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During this 50+ minute interview, Jason asks Michael about the recent spikes in volatility that have appeared in the general stock market and asset prices. Michael thinks another very large stock market crash will happen in a year or less now and that volatility going forward will be far higher compared to the last few years.

Next, Jason asks Michael about the truths he learned about the global economy, the US government, the Us political system, etc since he quit his high paying Wall St job in 2010?

Michael says he was very angry to learn that everything is just as corrupt as the financial system. Michael and Jason discuss the corruption in the US and all over the globe and how the US has become a dangerous, “Banana Republic with nukes.”

Michael is an enormous proponent of Bitcoin having starting buying Bitcoins as low as $10 per coin. Michael doesn’t believe in the conspiracy theory that Satoshi Nakamoto is a CIA/NSA agent. He thinks that Bitcoin and block chain technology cannot be hijacked by the economic and political elites and that Bitcoin emotionally triggers economic and political elites like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan and the head of the Bank of International Settlements because they hate it and they’re scared of it.

Jason also asks Michael why he hates Ripple?

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Michael if he still likes gold and silver, why governments hate gold and don’t want a gold standard ever again and Michael’s 4 Pillars for a better future. Michael’s 4 Pillars for a better future that he has been writing articles about lately include: 1) Knowledge 2)Consciousness 3) Innovation and 4) Local Action

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