Turn $100 into $1,000 with BITCOIN PRIVATE (BTCP) cryptocurrency coin? Bitcoin analysis post crash.

ZCL wallet: https://github.com/BTCP-community/electrum-zcl/releases

Bitcoin ($BTC) and ZClassic ($ZCL) will be co-forked into Bitcoin Private ($BTCP) on February 28, 2018. Bitcoin Private (BTCP) will be allocated to everyone who holds Bitcoin (BTC) and ZClassic (ZCL) at a 1:1 allocation. So if you hold 1 Bitcoin you’ll get 1 Bitcoin Private token; if you hold 1 ZClassic you’ll get 1 Bitcoin Private token.


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In this video I’ll go over historic Bitcoin hard forks and see how much return you could possibly make after the Bitcoin fork hits the market. Is it worth it to buy ZClassic in acticipation of Bitcoin Private or buy Bitcoin private directly from the market for mass returns? I also go over how to claim Bitcoin Private after the Bitcoin and ZClassic fork. If you’re wondering what is bitcoin private, this video provides that answer as well.

Lastly, I go over Bitcoin’s current price and do some Bitcoin technical analysis to take the temperature of the cryptocurrency market and market cap.

For those asking in the last few weeks will Bitcoin go up we are now seeing a trend reversal and bullish signals. Will Bitcoin reach the $11,000 mark? It depends on whether it can sustain current support and resistance levels. Take a look at the technical analysis and charts I lay out and we’ll continue to monitor Bitcoin’s price form here.