Islamic Cryptocurrency – Jesus Coin – Human RFID Is Probably Next!

What does it mean? Cryptocurrency –
… It’s made out of two words, crypto and currency,
cryptno means to encrypt, meaning making it a secret,
meaning secret money, but in reality, there’s no money at all…
In reality, there is no protection, or anonymity, for cryptocurrency users,

What is currency… it’s money.. money is a tool, a tool which performs a specific function.. . but a tool like crypto currency, cannot perform this function.. because it’s price jumps nearly everyday, at times +20% at times – 20%
we are now in a period of mass creation of digital money, but it’s life is like that of a housefly, it’s not going to be around for long, it’s going to dissappear…. tomorrow when it does dissapear, the fog clears, smokescreen dissapears, we will see a different picture…. Many Russian professors have called it the banks concentration camp… It’s a proect created in a lab of American intelligence service.
For every pop culture phenomenon, there’s an awful Christian version of the same thing. Know a boy band singing about a beautiful girl? There’s inevitably a less popular version singing about Jesus.
That’s why it’s hardly surprising that Christians have formed their own cryptocurrencies in response to the popularity of Bitcoin, – the Jesus Coin!
Singapore-based fintech company HelloGold has received certification for its gold-backed virtual currency which they say is entirely compliant with Sharia law. Something which many Scholars like Sheikh Imran Hossein deny….
The company has been granted permission to operate its cryptocurrency product GOLDX by Malaysia-based Islamic finance consultancy Amanie Advisors. The new digital currency was introduced by HelloGold at the end of 2017.
According to a popular theory, cryptocurrency has been introduced by the Illuminati, the secret society that works for Dajjal the antichrist. Apparently, there will be a RFID chip introduced with the global one world currency, which is entered in your body and all your data, internal and external will be transferred to the Illuminati.

Personally, I feel, if we are going to get implants, it’s not so much about electronic tagging, so some computer knows where everyone is. It’s not so much messages going from the chip to the computer.. what its really about is messages coming the other way. It’s a possibility that this microchip will allow the powers to be, to control you physically and emotionally.. by the impulses going from the chip to the computer.
I remember as a kid, when my father was on the phone, to get another sattelite channel, cartoon network… what I expected was to wait for the channel. So they’d pop the card in the post, and we’ll get it in a few days and I could watch my cartoons. Instead, within 5 minutes, the new channel came up on the tv screen. The satellite guys only had to re-programme the chip in our sattelite card.
You see, they can feed you movies from the phone line, rewrite chips in your card, block your credit card… activate it via a phone call… this global centralisation of power is about to get big.