New Crypto Price Tool / Binance Register EOS / MtGox Meeting Sept / Telegram Tokens For Sale

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New price analysis tool called Solume.
Tracks social media mentions and sentiment and compares it to price.
The website address is

I’ll put up a screen shot of this for those of you watching the video version of this but it has various columns of data such as:
Social volume and sentiment, sometimes it has a face icon depending on whether the chatter is positive or negative
The social volume change in the last 24 hours etc

Digibyte stands out on this because it has a smiley face next to it like a number of other coins except the one next to Digibyte has a big smile on its face.

Digibyte is up 13% today so maybe that is why.

Excellent news. Binance have finally made an official announcement that they will register your EOS tokens for you.

So basically if you have your EOS tokens stored on Binance at the beginning of June when the network goes live, they will take care of the technical requirements of converting the Ethereum based EOS tokens to the real EOS tokens on the live EOS network.

This is now a real solution for US citizens who are not allowed to participate in the ICO.

I was a little concerned that there would be a big sell off of EOS tokens by US citizens right before the network went live, however there is now no need for that.

Any US citizen that wants to buy EOS tokens can do so on Binance and then leave them there until the network goes live.

While there is not much choice in the matter in this case, remember that your tokens are at higher risk when stored on an exchange vs your own wallet.

Like I say, not much you can do about it here but I’m just making you aware of the risks so you can make an informed decision.

And speaking of EOS…

Last week tonight with John Oliver takes shots at EOS

Yesterday, this clip where John Oliver does a segment on cryptocurrency was uploaded.

I was going to do a critical analysis of their coverage, however John Oliver’s job is to find things to make a mockery of, for the sake of entertainment.

His job is not to inform or to help his audience, it’s just to entertain them.

He focuses on Brock Pierce and suggests people google brock pierce scandal.

Now I’ve read the material he is referring to, but my question is, if that was all so bad, why would people like Brendan Bloomer, Dan Larimer and Thomas Cox be willing to work with him?

And how would Block One managed to become fully funded to develop EOS even before the EOS token sale launched?

I’m open to your input in the comments below.

Next MtGox creditors meeting around the 18th of September 2018
Meaning Mr Kobyashi will not dump any more Bitcoin until then, I don’t think this is true.

The suggestion that this is what will happen came to me when someone mentioned me in a conversation on Twitter:

What they seem to be confusing are the creditors meetings, which these reports are based on, and Mr Kobayashi’s communication with the court.

Bearing in mind that the most recent report dated the 7th of March came out of the last creditors meeting, it was only then that we found out that he had been given permission to sell some of the coins.

I don’t currently know where to look to get reports on his interactions with the court. If I did that would allow us to keep an eye out for anything that looked like a request for permission to sell another batch.

If anyone has a link to such a resource please let me know in the comments below.

Telegram token sale update from BnkToTheFuture:

To me this looks like BnkToTheFuture managed to buy tokens in that pre-sale I talked about, and they are now selling them on.

I don’t know that for a fact, to me it’s the only explanation as to how they could have gotten their hands on the tokens.

The syndicate closes tomorrow remember so get a move on if you are interested.