Budget Magic: $78 (18 tix) Golden Journey (Standard)

This week, we’re heading to Standard to play a deck I’m really excited about: Golden Journey. One thing we’ve learned since the release of Ixalan is that the flips-into-land cards are very powerful, but so far, most Standard decks have focused on Search for Azcanta. Well, today we’re going a bit deeper, with a deck that’s looking to use Golden Guardian to help us flip Journey to Eternity, potentially giving us two powerful flip lands in the same turn, along with the ability to grind out games by making endless 4/4 Golem tokens or by reanimating a creature every turn. The end result is a deck that’s half flip-enchantment tribal and half grindy Abzan Midrange reanimator. Is Golden Guardian actually Standard playable, with Journey to Eternity for support? Let’s get to the video and find out!

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Match 1: 9:10
Match 2: 19:27
Match 3: 31:26
Match 4: 37:43
Match 5: 1:03:23
Wrap Up: 1:28:20