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Technical Analysis Update for 03/15/2018:

Welcome to Coin Hub, where my colleague Anthony and I provide daily content on the subject of Crypto.

My name is Bryer, and I will be providing the technical analysis for Coin Hub – sharing the tools and indicators I use in my analysis, providing live daily commentary as the analysis continuously changes and provides the market with new information

My goal is not only to explaining what the analysis means to me, but also to teach our viewers how to use these tools and interpret them so that they can be applied on your charts at home.

Why does technical analysis matter?

Well, since I have not yet found an accurate model for valuing a crypto asset based on fundamentals, I rely on technical analysis to help give me a read on the overall market sentiment, and to give more confidence in assessing the probability scenarios.

The TA’s can be used to spot overbought/oversold market conditions, trend reversal signals, and support/resistance levels for price – The most useful way to apply technical analysis is to help with timing your entry and exit points, so that you can get the most out of the upside return, while minimizing downside risk.

Learning and applying technical analysis can give you the edge you need to stay one step ahead in these crypto markets, and when used in combination with a solid risk management strategy, provide you with the piece of mind, and the confidence to become a master crypto market – participant.

I intend to make these daily TA update videos educational and informative, but also fun, exciting and entertaining by interacting with the viewers in an open chat room environment.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I appreciate all the feedback and support.

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Let’s jump into it.

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