Will Airdrops Kill ICOs? NEO Hardware Wallet | Elastos DEMO | SIRIN Labs | $NEO $ICX $SRN $ELA $BTC

Are airdrops be the future of ICOs? NEL set to release $NEO hardware wallet soon, Ian Balina sells his ICX (who cares), SIRIN Labs partnership, Elastos (ELA) demo, Bitmain new miners, voting on the blockchain, and South Korea might unban ICOs?

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6:40 Are Airdrops the future of ICOs?
7:53 Ian Balina sells ICX…. who cares?
10;04 NEO NEL NEODUN hardware wallet
11:26 NEO to GAS update
12:14 SIRIN Labs (SRN) partners with Huawei
13:02 Elastos (ELA) Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zcsYFP3DaA
14:25 Bitmain News
15:40 Sierra Leone successfully completed first blockchain election
16:44 PayPal hates crypto now?
17:30 South Korea might reverse the ICO ban
19:57 Tom “Cryptodaddy” Emmer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgnV7LmqJiI&feature=youtu.be
21:00 Crypto News

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