My Case for Binance Coin BNB $50 Price Prediction 2018

Binance is a world-class cryptocurrency exchange, consistently ranked number one for 24hr trading volume. Binance Coin BNB is the token for the exchange, used for discounted trading fees and withdrawal fees among other benefits. Price prediction for the Binance Coin $BNB for 2018 would be around $50, at this time April 2018 the price is around half the all time high of ~$25. Binance recently announced Binance Chain, where BNB will be upgraded to a native token on the mainnet… they will create a decentralized exchange, are moving operations to Malta, and looking to enable FIAT-CRYPTO trading pairs. Incredible exchange and with the Binance repurchasing plan, or coin buy back and burn strategy, there are many reasons to suggest that BNB is undervalued.


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