I BOUGHT 1500 MORE RIPPLE (XRP) TODAY!! – Hello everyone and welcome back to Crypto Time, I am sure that you guys are sick of seeing Ripple videos but I have been very interested in Ripple more than usual lately and love this BearableGuy123 stuff! The riddles are a lot of fun to try and figure out and it has really rejuvinated my motivation in the cryptocurrency scene. My channel is not going to be only based on XRP so please do not get too upset about all of the upload about it as of late. I know some people are not fans of XRP. As always, this video is NOT financial advice, please do not make any financial decisions based on this video!

This channel focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Cryptocurrencies alike! I enjoy talking about all types of Cryptocurrencies and I will try to help you when investing in Bitcoin or any of these cryptocurrencies that we discuss here!

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