BITCOIN terminology: Bitcoin System vs Blockchains: Bitcoin (BTC) & Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

In this video I want to focus on terminology so to be very clear about what each term means so to distinguish the differences between what is called the Bitcoin System and blockchains that have Bitcoin in their name.

You should be able to see that name Bitcoin has multiple meanings, which is why you need to learn (if you don’t know already) what each one means.

And remember:

BITCOIN CASH is the real Bitcoin system which works as intended (as true Peer-to-Peer Digital Cash System) and works for transacting using the Bitcoin system, much better than Bitcoin BTC simply because Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is not artificially and deliberately limited in capacity the way Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain is… and also transactions that use SegWit are not even Bitcoin system transactions, and the Lighting network that Blockstream want to force people into, is completely different type of system compared to Bitcoin system… do not allow yourself be fooled into thinking that Lightning is scaling solution to Bitcoin system… that is pure propaganda and is not true at all.

Only real and properly working Bitcoin system is in BITCOIN CASH (BCH) blockchain.

Please support Bitcoin System in BITCOIN CASH… and be part of the Decentralised Revolution run by the people of the whole world, without any central authorities.