Bittrex Accepts NEW Accounts – NEW Asic Miners – Cloud Mining Contracts now Securities – Golem GNT

Hey everyone welcome back to the VoskCoin YouTube channel today we review how Bittrex is finally after a 4 month wait accepting new accounts, Baikalminer launches two new asic mining algorithms (NIST5 and X11GOST) on their Baikalminer X10, Golem finally moves to testing beta in Ethereum Main net, Cloud Mining Contracts such as those offered by Genesis Mining are now considered Securities and ASIC miner manufacturers are having fire sales on Cryptonight miners!

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Bittrex NOW accepting new applicants –
Bittrex now NOT accepting new applicants –
Baikalminer X10 NIST5 and X11GOST ASIC –
NIST5 now ASIC algo aka Bulwark –
X11GOST now ASIC algo aka Sibcoin –
Cloud Mining Contracts = Securities ? –
Golem GNT moves to Ethereum net in Beta –
Baikalminer FIRESALE Cryptonight ASIC Miner
Monero XMR Difficulty Chart –
Golem GNT USD BTC ETH Price Value –

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