PoWH3D quietly climbs & Still mining monero with cryptotab!

PoWH3D: https://powh.io/?masternode=0xa1fd961bfa892dfae0f1347efccd9574db406497
Governed by Ethereum blockchain smart contract…NO HUMANS
CryptoTab: https://getcryptotab.com/279563
Enter to win Free Ethereum: 1. Subscribe & click post notification bell
2. Use my masternode link to purchase your P3D (.1 ETH minimum)
3. Comment with transaction id & metamask wallet address
4. Find out if your a winner Sunday (Entry Period every week Mon-Fri )
3 subscribers will be selected at random from 3 of my videos from the previous week. The subscriber with the largest purchase will have their masternode used in a video, earn the most eth from the pool, and will have their masternode used for my p3d purchase 😉