🔴 CryptalDash AMA Live – 19th April 2 PM EDT (Cryptocurrency Exchange & ICO)

🔴 CryptalDash AMA Live 19th April 2 PM EDT
(Cryptocurrency Exchange & ICO): https://www.cryptaldash.com
The Worlds First Multi-Access Crypto Exchange
Two Worlds One Solution – CryptalDash

Access to 3rd Party Exchanges
CryptalDash Exchange offers a unified access to the 3rd party crypto exchange order routing capabilities, leading to a seamless navigation among several exchanges and thus, better price discovery. It connects users to different exchanges, currently across five mainstream cryptocurrency markets, including ETH, BTC, Dash, XEM and XRP. This gives traders an opportunity to browse through various markets at a time. The internal trading lets users trade over this platform and if they find a better price somewhere else, they can also access the third party platform. Easy navigation and instant access mean zero errors unlike other multi-trading platforms.