Amazing Bull Run For Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is really kicking some serious ass here. Today it is up 15% and at the moment I dont see any sign of fatigue as of yet. Here is the daily chart:

See my work over at Steemit:

Comment: As you can see from the chart, we have almost gone parabolic here and the volume on Coinbase has been amazing, the highest ever. However, it is clearly lower on some other exchanges and I wanted to show you the chart from here:

Comment: Here you can see that the volume was clearly higher in November, December and January, but Im still very bullish here at the moment.

Now, if we go back to the Coinbase chart, we do have 2 important resistance levels to look out for. The first one is the last major peak we had at 1615 and if we can get a daily close above that level, we can likely head up to the second resistance level as well, which is all the way up at 2400.

Historically, Bitcoin Cash bull runs have been very strong so I would not rule out a move to 2400 or perhaps even higher than that before we will hit the wall.

In the video Im also having a look at BCH vs BTC and that chart looks almost as bullish as the one versus the USD.

Happy Investing!