– Upcoming Cryptocurrency Exchange with Customizable UI! is launching a new cryptocurrency exchange soon that they built from user feedback. The biggest innovation is their fully customizable UI with widgets that you can place anywhere on your canvas layout. Personally, I’m excited to try out this exchange – it is currently out in BETA testing, with public launch coming soon after the final tweaks are made. This exchange is part of the larger project which had an ICO a few months ago. Their exchange is an integral part of the platform which will work with their Liquidity Pool as well. Exchange BETA walkthrough:

Sponsorship Disclaimer: Hey everyone, just wanted to share that this video is sponsored. We do have to do this every once in a while for revenue since I am full time on building up this beginner platform. However, I do reserve the rights to my own opinion and I’m simply introducing the exchange to you all. Heck, this isn’t even trying to sell anything to you, just putting a new exchange on your radar – I’m always down for more exchanges in this crypto space. Cheers everyone!