Verge (XVG) New Exchange + Token Pay (TPAY) News!

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The CryptoDaily News and Market Cap evaluation!

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In this video we specifically talk about Verge (XVG) and TokenPay (TPAY) with a ton of recent news. A Tether (USDT) pairing has been made available on Binance, and XVG has been listed on a handful of new exchanges the past few months. Along with ongoing and developing partnerships, the future of Verge (XVG) trading is bright. Stay tuned for regular XVG updates as they become available.

The overall market cap trend is definitely up, but for how long?

The Altcoin Season has begun and the market cap of cryptocurrencies is hovering well above $400billion dollars. I fully anticipate to see $500billion dollars this quarter and an increasing market cap as time goes on. Today I talk briefly about the market cap and where we are headed.

We also talk about the bigger picture of the philosophy behind blockchain technology, look at some big movers and shakers of the day and enjoy the rain!

IOTA has always been a top cryptocurrency regarding market cap, but with a recent IOTA Ecosystem and Ecosystem Fund announced I am excited to watch this asset continue to develop. Watch with me as we look into all the many recent announcements IOTA has unveiled along with some of the biggest names in the Automotive Industry; this year will be a banner year for IOTA as the Summer of Altcoins gets underway!

Cardano (ADA) and Charles Hoskinson have made developments in the Cardano chain, adding security. This furthers the proposed security focused ADA blockchain and continues to separate them from the other security focused blockchain assets in the cryptocurrency industry.

Verge (XVG) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) have been listed on Bitfinex. What now? Moons? Double Rainbow moon?

As I continue to watch the market cap of the entire market and bring you up to date every single day, we’re also keeping an eye out for top gainers of each respective day! This past week we’ve seen Tron (TRX), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS, Verge (XVG) and Stellar (XLM) showing tons of growth and volume all week.
Will XVG prove itself?

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With the Bitconnect scandal behind us, many were hoping Verge (XVG) to become the next big failure. It wasn’t. As the primary XVG Partner is now PornHub, it means mass adoption is around the corner.

We cover the top altcoins and best altcoins for you to invest in this year! The Cryptocurrency market cap is increasing, and a crypto bull run is expected this year.

Please do all your own research. Make wise investment choices.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency market capitalization as well as the price of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and altcoins such as ONT, TRX, XVG, and NCASH!

I challenge anyone to engage in academic banter and a debate if you will on why you disagree with me. I would also like to hear why you agree, think I’m being too conservative, or think I’m batsh*! crazy.

I do encourage all opinions, and lets start some insightful conversation around these topics.

Stick with us, and watch us grow!

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