Organic skin care review – Lar Neo Natural 輕盈無負擔 日牌天然護膚品

Organic skin care review – Lar Neo Natural (Japan). Highly recommend this skin care brand for those who have oily skin like I do. Everything is so lightweight in texture, giving you the best hydration with purest finest natural and organic ingredients.

Review日本既天然護膚品牌 – Lar Neo Natural。 高度推介佢地既toner, extract同moisturizer,俾那些像我一樣油性皮膚的朋友,提供無負擔的輕盈保濕效果。Enjoy~ ^3^

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• Lar Neo Natural – 鯊烯深層清潔卸妝油

• Lar Neo Natural – 馬油一白桃潔面皂

• Lar Neo Natural – 九種植物細胞液活膚水

• Lar Neo Natural – 一白桃美肌精華液

• Lar Neo Natural – 蜂蠟乳化保濕乳液

• Lar Neo Natural – 十四種植物精華油


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