Cryptocurrency to EXPLODE This Summer! Wall St is Taking Notice $$$$

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Today the markets see a bit of a reversal and start to regain some recent losses. In the public eye is Wall Street big shots being head hunted by Cryptocurrency companies. Kraken exchange recently hiring Steve Hunt (former Wall Street trading companies executive).

I bring calm to your nerves by letting you know that Cryptocurrency will become a very large industry, exceeding multiple trillions of dollars… What do you think?

All you can do is continue to watch the markets as they evolve and continue to practice fundamental analysis of market trends, you can do this by following this channel along with your other favorite content creators and get the bigger picture yourself. You are likely your own biggest limitation to your success in these markets. Audit yourself, and learn.

No, seriously….Thanks for watching! The support here and on twitter has me awestruck some days. I can’t wait for the future of this platform and the cryptocurrency space!

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