DON’T fall for the Consensus 2018 hype | No explosion after? (Coindesk Consensus 2018 )


Before you hate on this video because you are a Bullish trader, listen to my 5 reasons.
If you still disagree then comment in the section below why you believe I am wrong.
At the end of the day its all about making money, so if things go up and you follow your plan you’ll make money and Ill stay even. This is all my opinion from past experiences.

Bearish Reasons :
#1 The Consensus Community/Guest is NOT the same. (Not many true crypto heads)
#2 The Trend is your friend/ Markets on news act the way they did earlier that week.
#3 Not everyone can be right and make money (If things do run, only a few will profit”
#4 Investors don’t invest during “hyped” times they wait to get the best deal. (Manipulation for good price)
#5 If nothing happens Bitcoin and most alts are still very bearish in my opinion and that only adds another reason to the list.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, This is for entertainment. Trade and invest on your own risk. Market outcomes vary.

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