Scammer & Opportunist Goh Sia Ern ARREST That Scam artist & fake Reporter

Scammer & Opportunist Goh Sia Ern ARREST That Scam artist & fake Reporter
1) Stolen pictures
2) Cropped & altered pictures
3) False information & deceit (Living in a Village in Sarawak?)
4) False accusations
5) Ridiculous statements
6) Personal opinions & slander a) Evict German b) She Never thought of Malaysia c) Unfortunately no longer qualified to be Malaysian d) Wanted tickets from Berlin Government
7) Statement that Victim You Tube is Fake News, without proper research
8) Motivating strangers to Spam & insult, leading to multiple death threats.
9) Erasing part with black Marker to hide ID
10) Go Sia Ern never asked us for permission to us TM material
11) False translation & comments into Chinese with malicious intent to discredit & damage our reputations.
This person hides their face, identity, address or media organization. The Facebook ID picture shows a dog.
What is clear is that she wants likes, clicks, shares & is also publishing pictures in the Chinese Media without consent.
Question? Would a normal citizen or Malaysian be so extremely motivated to try & destroy the credibility of a victim of abuse, & try to make money with it.
This person tries to contact the honorable Mahathir with fake news, no evidence, stolen trademark pictures & altered info with personal accusations & false facts.
We do not know this person & ask the authorities to confiscate this persons computer & media technology with which she is spreading deadly Fitnah aka Defamation of Character.