Top 2 | CertiK and Bezant |❓Unknown Crypto Coins🤔| $CTK and $NEO | $BZNT and $ICX

In today’s episode we are going to discuss 2 unheard of cryptocurrency projects to the general crypto public. These are projects, are going to do very well in the coming months with a high likely hood of 10 XXXXing.

First project is CertiK $CTK
CertiK is a formal verification framework to mathematically prove smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems are bug free and hacker resistant. To scale this verification, they have developed a layer based approach to decompose proof tasks into smaller ones.

The team is among the first to achieve modular verification through a concept they developed called layered deep specifications. This technique uncovers the insights of layered design patterns and makes it possible to decompose a complex proof task into smaller ones at the proper abstraction level.

CertiK is highly coveted in the cryptocurrency inner circles, with NEO Global Capitl (NCG) investing $NEO a hefty sum recently. Fortunately to those who are aware, CertiK has not gained mainstream traction and popularity, but it will in the coming months.

Second Project is Bezant $BZNT

Bezant is a decentralized payment protocol that provides payment solutions in a fast, secure and reliable way. The Bezant blockchain will be integrated with the Jehmi payment network. This network aggregates hundreds of payment methods around the world, and can be easily topped up with their jehmi wallet with user preference focused payment methods. What’s unique about Bezant is the use of private and permissioned blockchains.

Think of Bezant like this, it is the stellar for Korea. This is the payment rails that will be used by a ton of projects on the ICON $ICX platform. Why? Icon and The Loop are strategic investors in Bezant.

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