BEST CRYPTO TO MINE 2018 – Ultimate Loki Network Mining Guide Rx 570/580/Vega Linux & Windows

Loki is the best cryptocurrency to mine in 2018, lets review what is the Loki Network and how to mine LOKI with your RX 570 / RX 580 / RX Vega on Linux and Windows w/ VoskCoin’s Ultimate How To Mine Loki (Cryptonight-Heavy) Mining Guide!

Step 1 – Download the Official Loki Network Wallet
Windows/Linux/Mac Loki GUI wallet –
Step 2 – Buy or Build a GPU Mining Rig (review our other guides)
RX 570 GPU (Great for mining Loki) –
RX VEGA GPU (Best for Mining Loki) –
Step 3 – Choose Linux or Windows
Simple Miner smOS Linux shown –
Windows 10 –
Step 4 Choose relevant Cryptonight-Heavy Miner
XMR STAK w/ fee Github download –
XMR STAK w/ no dev fee Bitcointalk –
Cast XMR best Vega miner software –
Step 5 Join Loki Network Mining Pool & Profit
Watch our miners on Luxor mining Loki –

XMR Stak example on smOS (Copy and Paste)
–currency sumokoin -o -u -p x

Cast XMR Proper Default Config Settings (Any GPU esp. Vega)
cast_xmr-vega –algo=2 -S -u LSVQmpA8A2PYei1twxAHgX2M9TG5QtKDy6wkiJjNwPghMeESL5oNfr73w2oA3MPy2yLDZsGk8wXzN253wodWzXZnB2uxuhE.ytxmr -p x -G 0,1,2,3,4,5 %*

Luxor PPS Loki Mining Pool Region Config Info or or

Read the Loki Network Whitepaper –
Buy and Sell LOKI on Tradeogre –
PPS vs PPLNS Reddit Post referenced –
Loki Network Official Bitcointalk ANN thread –
Loki Network Official Discord Server Invite –
VoskCoin Official Discord Server Invite –

Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon –

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