June 6, 2018 – XRP Price Analysis, Codius, Brad on xCurrent, xRapid & ICOs

XRP is starting to form a falling wedge right above the 62 cent support price. Possibly allowing for a bullish formation to play out. In Ripple News, Stefan Thomas announced Codius is back! I share a video provided by C3|Nik with Susan Athey explaining Codius, Fintech Insider interviews Brad Garlinghouse at Money 20/20 and explains a little on xCurrent, xRapid and ICOs.

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Source: https://twitter.com/justmoon/status/1004349159200120832
Source: https://medium.com/coil/codius-smart-contracts-made-from-containers-b3b16c3e3890
Source: https://yahoofinanceamscryptosf.splashthat.com/

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