The RIPPLE ROCKET is Getting Ready to LAUNCH! (Are You on Board?)

The RIPPLE (XRP) Rocket is Getting Ready to LAUNCH! (Are You on Board?) – Hello everyone and welcome back to Crypto Time! With the insane amount of news that came out of the Brad Garlinghouse 20/20 interview, I wanted to highlight some of the key points and quotes as well as talk about some things people could have missed. Hope you all enjoy and I am NOT a financial advisor, do NOT make any financial decisions based off this video.

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This channel focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple(XRP) and Cryptocurrencies alike! I enjoy talking about all types of Cryptocurrencies and I will be giving my OPINIONS in relation to the topic at hand in the video. Please remember that my videos are NOT financial advice. You should NEVER make a financial decision off of what is said in my videos.


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