Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (end of June) – VeChain, Stratis, AppCoins, Wanchain, Ambrosus, Omise

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (end of June) – VeChain, Stratis, AppCoins, Wanchain, Ambrosus, Omise

26-28th of June
TRON (TRX): Super representatives for the Tron mainnet will be elected (26th)

Mooncoin (MOON): hard-forking to a new codebase (27th)

OAX (OAX): openANX (OAX) prototype release (28th)

Gulden (NLG): PoW² launch (28th)

at the end of June

VeChain (VEN): Testing & Code Open, Mainnet Launch and THOR staking

OmiseGO (OMG): Honte update (network preparation for plasma)

Ethereum Classic (ETC): Emerald Wallet release

Zcash (ZEC): Network Upgrade 0 (making future network upgrades safer)

ICON (ICX): ICX/ETH Decentralized exchange launch

Dent (DENT): DENT Exchange trading desk webapp launch, Launch Korean operators and first mobile virtual network operator partners, mobile prepaid top-ups

Lisk (LSK): Custom tokens & dApp registration

Pundi X (NPXS): Expanding To Markets (Canadian , US market)

eBoost (EBST): new exchange listings

DigiByte (DGB): listing on Artis Turba exchange

Stratis (STRAT): Full Node Mainnet Beta, The Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol release, Academy Courses

Telcoin (TEL): expansion to 10 Mobile Networks and Mobile Money Transfers

Verge (XVG): Verge social network release

NaPoleonX (NPX): recieving a receive an asset management licence

DIMCOIN (DIM): HYBSE (hybrid stock exchange) listing

XGOX (XGOX): Coin Burn (Approx. 75% of coins)

Blockport (BPT): Blockport 1.0 full release and 2.0 beta release

HTMLCOIN (HTML): Poma project release (free webshop for companies, and freelancers)

FunFair (FUN): Gambling License in the UK, Malta and Gibraltar and publishing API Docs

WAX (WAX): delegated proof of stake implementation

Dash (DASH): Dash Evolution v1 on main network (a lot of upgrades)

SALT (SALT): Launch of Credit Cards

Espers (ESP): Xnodes, Sidechains and Mailing System

CampusCoin (CMPCO): Beta Launch, proof of stake implementation and new exchange listing

Zilliqa (ZIL): Testnet v2.0 release

AppCoins (APPC): Rollout of AppCoins on Aptoide App Store

WaBi (WABI): Walimai Masternodes, Mobile App Launch V3

Matchpool (GUP): Match making Japan and new partnership

Ontology (ONT): Mainnet release

DigitalNote (XDN): Extra layer of security, scalability and resistance update

Wanchain (WAN): Wanchain 2.0 – Integration with Ethereum and Multi-Coin Wallet

ETHLend (LEND): Bitcoin lending added to DAPP, discounts, penalties and refinancing

Simple Token (OST): ostWALLET

Credits (CS): Mainnet Launch

DeepBrain Chain (DBC): integration of DBC AI Testnet with blockchain, Alpha+Beta Reward System, Testing DBC Network, and partnerships

QLINK (QLC): Q2 Product Releases (SMS/Wi-Fi SDK, mobile date and content distribution MVP)

HempCoin (THC): Masternodes & Hard Fork

Elixir (ELIX): Mobile App Beta Test

High Performance Blockchain (HPB): HPB MainNet Release(v1.1)

Metaverse ETP (ETP): Hardfork

QASH (QASH): Official LIQUID Launch

Phore (PHR): Segwit Launch

Vsync (VSX): ad campaign and listing on exchanges

Selfkey (KEY): Integration work beginning and re-use of KYC Components

Dragonchain (DRGN): commercialised dashboard

LBRY Credits (LBC): A Coinbase Buy Widget in the LBRY app

InvestFeed (IFT): FEED Token Rollout, Exchange Intergration, Trending Assets Signals

Radium (RADS), Stratis (STRAT): switch to Stratis codebase

Crypterium (CRPT): Mobile App Launch

Monetha (MTH): Public App Release

Lamden (TAU): clove BETA Launch (atomic swaps) and Whitepaper Addendum

ReddCoin (RDD): websockets, wallet, tracking webpage and creation of the foundation

Ontology (ONT): Test Network Launch, Ontology distributed identity framework (ONT ID) and Verifiable claim protocol release

ELTCOIN (ELTCOIN): new exchange, wallet and beta programme launch

LoMoCoin (LMC): Wallet, Explorer Upgrade and fiat pairing

EOS (EOS): Everipedia IQ token airdrop

Stakenet (XSN): StakeNet Lightning Update, Segwit and launch of StakeNet.io

Aigang (AIX): MVP development v2.0.

MediBloc (MED): MediBloc Platform Alpha

Enigma (ENG): Testnet launch

Ambrosus (AMB): Marketplace Launch

Pure (PURE): Puredex.io launch, platforms for Pure and atomic swaps

Flixxo (FLIXX): Platform Launch

Lunyr (LUN): Iphone and Android App

SyncFab (MFG): Unsold Token Burn Phase 1

FunFair (FUN): Games Developer annouced, First Operator, Original Slot Games

Arcblock (ABT): Launch the first decentralized consumer application

Aeternity (AE): Mainnet launch

WePower (WPR): Breeze v1 public release

CargoX (CXO): Smart Bill of Lading dApp

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