ZenCash Hard Fork Digitbyte Bitshares Hard fork | EOS Launch | EOS Classic Fork | NEO $NNS Airdrop

Most important hard forks in 2018 includes HempCoin $THC, ZenCash $ZEN, Bitshares $BTS, Digitbyte $DGB, Bytom $BTM, Metaverse ETP $ETP. You can check ERC-20 token in ethplorer if the token is ERC-20 compatible.

ZenCash is privacy token, is hard fork from ZClassic. ZClassic is a fork from Zcash

Digitbyte $DGB is similar to Ethereum, has decentralized application dAPPS on digitbyte platform using smart contract

You can track EOS mainnet launch status in EOS nation. EOS Canada has updated whitelist and blacklist features in EOSIO. EOSPHERE posted EOS launch status updated daily, The EOS block producers candidate meet daily to vote the EOS mainnet Go or Not Go. The next vote will be June 8 01:00 UTC time

NNS Neo Name Service will have an airdrop. For every 1 NEO, you get 0.1 NNS, snapshot will be taken on June 27. Be sure you transfer your $NEO to Neon Wallet to qualify for the airdrop

NEO domain name service | Free $NNC token giveaway

Most Important 6 Hard Forks of June 2018

Q&A – Understanding the Whitelist and Blacklist Features of EOSIO

Check if the token is ERC-20 compatible

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