I Just Bought 102,769 TRON (TRX) and You Should Too! *LEAKED PROOF* HUGE New Tron $TRX Partnerships!

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I Just Bought 102,769 Tron (TRX) and You Should Too! *LEAKED PROOF* HUGE New Tron $TRX Partnerships!

In todays video, I talk about Tron and the new proof that Tron will be adding 8+ new partnerships to the long list of tron partnerships. I talk about the recent Tron Main Net update and how this will impact the price of the cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) moving foward and a potentional of tron being added to coinbase. I go over my Tron price prediction and go over how I think tron will moonhot in 2018! I also talk about the Tron coin indepence day that could send the price of TRX to the moon! I also talk about the possible Alibaba and Tron partnership!

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