In Gold Silver and Bitcoin We Trust – Goldnomics Podcast Episode 5

In Gold, Silver and Bitcoin We Trust – The Goldnomics Podcast – Episode 5
In this the fifth episode of the Goldnomics Podcast we interview Ronald-Peter Stoferle, partner at the asset management firm Incrementum in Lichtenstein and author of the well respected and annual publication of the gold industry report; “In Gold We Trust”.
Ronni has identified 3 key “Tides of change” that will impact the financial markets and gold over the coming years. In this episode Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore and GoldCore’s Research Director and world renowned precious metals commentator Mark O’Byrne are once again joined by Dave Russell to discuss with Ronni his report and what this will mean for the gold price.

Listen to the full episode or skip directly to one of the following discussion points:

1:11 Introducing our special guest Ronald Peter Stoferle of Incrementun and author of the well-respected report “In Gold We Trust”.
2:26 The 3 tides of change that we are seeing in financial markets
3:07 The Monetary Policy Tide – The end of the party
3:58 The deflationary effect of the monetary policy changes
4:40 Why quantitive tightening will have negative effects for asset values
4:59 The second tide – The De-Dollarization the financial markets
6:08 The Crypto-currency Tide
9:02 The monetary policy versus the monetary order and the elephant in the room
9:50 The flip side of “The Everything Bubble”
10:45 The monetary order
11:30 The only way to get ourselves out of our current economic and financial problem
11:50 The “Pandora’s Box” of liquidity
13:25 Gold will protect the investor from what is to come
14:55 How the monetary tide will affect the gold price
15:45 Are we expecting too much from gold at the moment?
17:25 When the headwind from asset markets become a tailwind, gold benefits
18:00 Why the current correlation between equities and bonds could be positive for gold when the tides turn
20:20 What allocation to gold is recommended in these markets?
22:20 “Nobody cares about gold at the moment…… that’s why you should have a close look at gold”
23:15 The collapse in Google searches for “Buy gold” versus “Buy Bitcoin”, shows the sentiment is negative towards gold
24:30 No strong opinion from analysts on gold versus 2008, and why this is a positive indicator for gold
26:30 Is currency competition a good thing for the market?
27:45 Why 99% of crypto-currencies are bogus and will be wiped out in the next few years.
28:45 The need for efficient payment technology and how we’ve lost faith in government money
29:45 How central bankers are acting like taxmen and abused their position
31:30 The Gold/Crypto cross-over and what that might mean for the future of money
31:50 The best way to own and hold gold – a gold ETF in a big Wall Street bank – REALLY??
32:30 The only way to hold gold for insurance and hedging purposes
33:10 The important considerations when choosing how you own and hold gold
34:30 Crypto bullion will do well in the future
34:45 Why the notion that Bitcoin is a store of value is nonsense!
37:15 Renminbi backed oil contracts what effect will this have on for the future? Are they moving in to reserve currency status?
38:30 The dying petro-dollar versus a rising Renminbi all part of the de-dollarization of world markets.
40:00 The flow of gold from East to West, what does this mean?
41:05 Are the rising geopolitical tensions a result of the fundamental flaws of our currency system?
41:45 Can we trance the route of our currency problems back to 1971 and the actions of Richard Nixon?

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