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–NEO Smart Economy: dBFT Consensus (delegated byzantine fault tolerance)

What is dBFT Consensus?

Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang (creators of NEO) came up with dBFT after seeing the inefficiencies of both proof of work consensus and proof of stake consensus. With dBFT, we are trying to determine the true outcome of a vote, which leads to the byzantine generals problem. $NEO and dBFT solve the generals problem in a very unique way, tune in to find out how!

–City of Zion (COZ) Consensus Upgrade Bounties–
a few months back, COZ sent out a bounty for open source software that will benefit the community and Neo Smart Economy. The first bounty was for consensus improvement to the dBFT protocol used on NEO.

Two Consensus were implemented with modular, pluggable designs

1. Honeybadger Byzantine Fault Tolerance (hBFT)

HBFT is variation of BFT, and it guarnatees the liveness of the network even when nodes are behaving faulty. The algorithm contains 4 main protocols which were implemented into modular building blocks. These are the reliable broadcast algorithm, the byzantine binary agreement, the asynchronous common subset, and the honeybadger protocol.

2. Fast Byzantine Fault Tolerance (FastBFT)
This is the world;s first open source fastBFT implementation on a blockchain. FastBFT is an extremely fast and scalable protocol, that relies on novel message aggregation techniques that combine hardware based trusted execution environments, with secret sharing primitives.

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