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–AChain $ACT–
AChain has been in development since 2015, and they are building a value network that achieves peer to peer value exchanges, under social consensus. To accomplish this, they are first building a blockchain network with a modular design enabling smart contracts and digital assets. Second, they use forking to meet differing business needs such as insurance, document storage and preservation, credit, and more. They consider themselves the best Chinese crypto on the market, is this true?

–rdPOS Consensus–
Achian took the widely used delegated proof of stake consensus, and improved it into a new mechanism called resulted-delegated proof of stake. Of course rdPOS has the same advantages of delegated proof of stake (dPOS), no computing power to generate blocks but also has the advantage of results being verified by agent nodes or all nodes, depending on the state of the network.

–Lua Virtual Machine–
Lua is a register based VM versus stacked based. Traditionally most VMS intended for execution are stack based including JAVA and Microsoft’s. Net. Lua does not offer an array type like stack based, instead programmers use regular tables with integer indices to implement arrays. This is more suitable for blockchain applications as Lua enables static compilation and on-demand execution.

–AChain Fork Network–
Achain is embracing forking, and are advocate for a proper fork network. They are choosing to do this because it keeps the network vigorous, and hard forks satisfies differing application scenarios. Users are encouraged to fork new blockchain based off the AChain blockchain. Once a fork is completed and accepted, a user can then fork of the new blockchain, et cetera.

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