Cryptocurrency Markets Are HERE to STAY Despite the FUD Haterade

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👉The Cryptocurrency Markets are AWESOME! They are not going anywhere. To all of you that are panic selling: ADIOS AMIGOS! We’ll enjoy the BULL RUN when it happens, until then we weather the storm. Going to take a lot more than a few months of downward channeling to get rid of ME (Landon) at Crypto Review Central…

So Buckle in folks, it might get a little bumpy at times, or downright insane! It’s excitement at it’s finest.

Many top analysts are talking big numbers for Bitcoins (BTC) future, while some (very few) are making the argument for a lower low from the major $6k support level we are pretty much at. The longterm fundamentals are great, but those aside Bitcoin (BTC) is seriously running the risk of bottoming out in the coming weeks. Who really knows, comment your predictions and I’ll shout out someone who predicts it right in a few weeks, give a date and a price and whoever is the closest I will personally highlight it in a video 🙂

Could Cardano (ADA) hit $1.00?

Could Tron (TRX) hit $0.25?

Time will tell…

When will the bull run everyone’s been talking about since February happen? This Year?

Many Hardcore Cryptocurrency investors believe in the longevity of this market, believe that through all the ups and downs in the market, despite what the mainstream media says, and regardless of how controversial it may be, that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the change society has been yearning for.

Recently the SEC has ruled that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities, and it got many discussing the rest of the cryptocurrency market and what is a security.

Along with Ripple and XRP’s continued distinction, and Ripple now having an executive on a Task Force for the Federal Reserve it’s really looking promising for Brad Garlinghouse et al. What does that mean for XRP though?

Comment below and let us know… As well as when you think another bubble will occur, or a bitcoin (BTC) trend reversal will happen, or when a cryptocurrency trend reversal will happen!

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