Live Crypto Chat | $LINK-Facebook tie? | $XLM StellarX | South Korea Gives Crypto 👍| $NEO $ELA $ONT

Tyler of Chico Crypto brings you a suprise live stream talking about some recent breaking crypto news.
–Chainlink & Facebook Connection–
Technical advisor for the Chainlink $LINK project, and engineer at facebook, Evan Cheng has become Director of Engineering, Blockchain for Facebook Inc.
–Stellar Lumens StellarX–
A new trading platform built on the Stellar universal marketplace. They are free–we’re refunding network fees and using to get every user his/her inflation–and, of course, being on Stellar we’re super fast.

StellarX lists every token on Stellar (provided the issuers do stuff like complete their toml) so that means you’ll be trading crypto, fiat, commodities, whatever, once we launch.

They have a super experienced team, and we’re eager and excited to be adding to the ecosystem. The app will launch a bit later this summer, and we have many big plans to make Stellar as a whole more popular, more user-friendly, and more successful.

Also, South Korea legalizes cryptocurrency…..bullish!!!

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