📈The Rise of China, Japan and India’s Cashless Society – (XRP World Powered by Ripple – Part 8)

China is on the verge of being a cashless society and Japan is not to far behind. Recently, Ripple’s customer and partner SBI Holdings made this statement:

Chairman of SBI Holdings – Yoshitaka Kitao, Says the Use and Adoption of Ripple (XRP) Will Be Inevitable In The Future – https://twitter.com/yoshitaka_kitao/status/1019077632493682688

The blockchain conference in Japan was indeed a big blessing for Ripple (XRP) as the chairman and CEO of SBI Holdings – Yoshitaka Kitao, said that in the nearest future, the use and adoption of Ripple (XRP) would increase significantly and become inevitable.

He believes that over time, XRP will become a universal standard of digital currency and money. This is because a lot of companies, banks, businesses, organizations, and financial institutions are joining the platform of Ripple for international remittance services.

The mobile payments revolution in China has happened with breathtaking speed and scale. In only five years it has transformed daily life in Chinese cities and also laid the foundations for the country’s mammoth financial tech industry, which last year generated revenues of Rmb654bn ($98bn), according to iResearch. Last year, the value of mobile payments in China overtook the worldwide totals of both Visa and Mastercard. Source – https://www.ft.com/content/539e39b8-851b-11e8-a29d-73e3d454535d

India 🇮🇳:
Today, we are excited to announce that Ripple has expanded further with a new office in Mumbai, India. Navin Gupta has been appointed Country Manager for Ripple India, following two decades in transaction banking, product management and global strategy roles at HSBC and Citibank across the U.S, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and India. Source: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-launches-new-mumbai-office-serve-indias-digital-economy/

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