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👉Today we go over the recent pump that Stellar Lumens (XLM) have made in the past week. Doing much better than other altcoins throughout this bitcoin (BTC) pump, there is good reason for it. We go over some tradingview charts, as well as IBM details, Huobi listing, Coinbase exploration, and TransferTo bringing Cross-Boarder payments into the conversation.

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Well, the wait is over, Bitcoin (BTC) shorts on Bitmex got liquidated again to the tune of just under $100million dollars. This has caused Bitcoin (BTC) to jump beyond $8,000 for the first time in a while. Looks like Arthur Hayes might be wrong saying Bitcoin (BTC) has not seen bottom yet, and will still see $5k this year. Time will tell, and keep it locked right here at Crypto Review Central to keep yourself up to date!

The market is in limbo it seems, with Bitcoin (BTC) disconnected from the altcoins, and US government officials publicly requesting a deeper look at the cryptocurrency space, it is looking more and more likely things are about to go absolutely bonkers like it did last year.

This market is looking like it might pop off, and I can’t wait if that’s the case. Keep watching as more becomes available and more importantly as the price of bitcoin (BTC) either climbs or falls.

Yesterday we talked about two significant moves that Bitcoin (BTC) has made this past week. On the 16th of July we saw BTC get a huge pump from $6,300 to $6,600 followed up by a few continued upward candles only then to be blown above $7,000. Right now Bitcoin (BTC) is showing the largest signs of a trend reversal, and hopefully going to find stability above $7,000. So far so good, as today shows Bitcoin (BTC) jumping another $150 to $7,444 where it currently sits. Pending any more significant upward motion we patiently and excitedly must wait. We look at the big BTCUSD shorts that got liquidated yesterday on Bitmex and talk about the potential of other big purchases to come through from these institutional investors that are rumored to be watching.

Could Cardano (ADA) hit $1.00?

Could Tron (TRX) hit $0.25?

Time will tell…

When will the bull run everyone’s been talking about since February happen? This Year?

Many Hardcore Cryptocurrency investors believe in the longevity of this market, believe that through all the ups and downs in the market, despite what the mainstream media says, and regardless of how controversial it may be, that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the change society has been yearning for.

Recently the SEC has ruled that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities, and it got many discussing the rest of the cryptocurrency market and what is a security.

Along with Ripple and XRP’s continued distinction, and Ripple now having an executive on a Task Force for the Federal Reserve it’s really looking promising for Brad Garlinghouse et al. What does that mean for XRP though?

Comment below and let us know… As well as when you think another bubble will occur, or a bitcoin (BTC) trend reversal will happen, or when a cryptocurrency trend reversal will happen!

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