Judas Priest – Lightning Strike / Ada cover

When I heard lightning strike for the first time I instantly fell in love and decided to record it. Today I am super excited to share it with You all! What makes me even more happy is the fact that this cover is 10th video on this channel 😀 Hopefully You will like it, share it or leave a comment or like! Have a great day and stay metal!!

Wojtek Grusiecki – camera & video editing https://www.instagram.com/gruuuch/
Piotr Nowakowski – sound recording & mastering
Ada Kaczanowska – guitar

guitar: ESP LTD MH327
Berhinger CS400 – BOSS DS-2 – BOSS NS-2 peavey bandit 112 – Beyerdynamic TG-V35DS – behringer Q502USB
Solos played with BOSS CE-5 and Dunlop Crybaby from hell.
TUNING: E standard

All the pedals were provided by my patrons. I’d like to say huge thanks to:
Jesse Richardson
Bruce Hovden
Andreas (Mus Ling)
Jack Flynn
Scott Brown
Patrick HOYAUX
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