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Trusting machines is going to become a fundamental need for humanity very soon, so the team and project I am bringing to the table today is building the first trusty and reliable Intelligent Autononmous System. T.R.I.A.S

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Trias is an all platform supported and native application compatible smart contract execution structure, development framework, and collaboration ecosystem that has three main subsystems.
1. Leviatom: A network of Trusted Execution Environments(TEEs)
2. Prometh, a traceable development framework to achieve decentralized functional and security properties.
3. Mag Carta, a consensus oriented programming paradigm

00:23 Beer Introduction-Green Flash Brewery
00:39 Bottle Cap Flip
00:49 Update Crypto Dart Board Picks
01:08 NEO and NEO Global Capital Investing
01:25 Trias Bringing Political Theories Into Distributed Computing
01:30 First IAS Machine or First Computer
02:11 Trusting Machines In Our Daily Lives??
02:19 T.R.A.I.S
02:56 3 Subsystems of Trias
03:18 Trias Politica–How It Relates To US Legislation
03:51 Why Third World Countries Have Bad Infrastructure
04:20 Cyberspace and Cyber Governance
04:25 Breaking Down Leviatom
05:03 Leviatom Layer -1 Enhancement
05:36 Remote Attestations In Leviatom
05:40 Trusted Execution Environments (TEE’s)
06:25 Hcgraph Algorithm
06:49 Direct Trust In Node Network
07:50 Breaking Down Prometh
08:53 Breaking Down Mag Carta
09:16 Node Roles In Trias

–Leviatom: a Global Trusted Computing Platform–
Leviatom combines Heterogeneous TEE technologies and Graph algorithms to implement an efficient, robust, highly-extensible consensus algorithm, and further supports the trustworthy execution of native applications.

–Prometh: a Traceable-Software Development Framework–
Prometh combines formal verification and DevSecOps framework to achieve traceable and verifiable general-purpose application development, implementing smart-contract-level trustworthy assurance for native applications.

–MagCarta: an All-platform Smart Contract and Token Ecosystem–
MagCarta contract achieves the uniform scheduling of general-purpose traceable applications on global trusted computing platforms. It further employs both incentive and insurance mechanisms to drive the community with rewards and compensations.

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